Our fleet

with air suspension and lifting platform




Are excellent vehicles for transportation of small loads. 


Payload                                                                     700 kg 


Loading meters     4             Number of pallets   8





Payload                                                                  2000kg


Loading meters    4               Number of pallets    8



Due to its maneuverability and its large loading capacity, he is the favorite of the company.


Payload                                                                 3000 kg


Loading meters          6         Number of paletts  12


Loading meters           7          Number of paletts  14



 The Truck


Payload tractor                                                7700 kg

Payload trailer                                                  8500 kg


Total payload                                                  16100 kg


Loading meter truck                                           8.5

Loading meter truck with trailer                 15


Number of  pallets LKW                                   17

Number of. pallets LKW with trailer         34


Lifting platform for max. 2000kg